socketCAN packets kept in order?

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socketCAN packets kept in order?

I am porting a low-level (micro-controller) lib to use socketCAN, and one of the requirements is that at times it is critical to retain packet order as the are sent and received from the CAN bus.  I have searched the archives and noted a bit of traffic around 2008..2010 addressing out-of-order packets on various support hardware devices, and noted this quote more then once:

"To be clear, out-of-order messages are also not OK.

Wolfgang. "

But I can not find anywhere in can.txt, or others, stating explicitly that socketCAN does indeed keep message order.

 My question is:  Does socketCAN keep packet order by default, or is there some technique I need to do to assure correct Tx and Rx of these class of packets.

Thank you,