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command: ip -details -statistics link show can0

Ernast Sevo

 I am quite new to socket can and I had a question about the output of the command: ip -details -statistics link show can0. When I run the above command I get the following output:

re-started bus-errors arbit-lost error-warn error-pass bus-off
    0          0          0          0          0          0        
    RX: bytes  packets  errors  dropped overrun mcast  
    3956387    948121    11      0           11          0     
    TX: bytes  packets  errors  dropped carrier collsns
    100        44       0       0       0       0  

I see that I received 11 errors packets (all of them being rx overrun errors) and that no packets were dropped. Does the dropped field refer to packets lost in userspace (i.e because they weren't being read fast enough and the socket receive buffer overflowed) or does the dropped packet field refer to dropped packets being dropped somewhere other than userspace?



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