Re: Problem with Eurotech COM1273 Dual Channel CAN PC104 Module.

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Re: Problem with Eurotech COM1273 Dual Channel CAN PC104 Module.

Wolfgang Grandegger
Hi Khurram,

we have switched to a new mailing list some time ago, which I have
therefore added to the CC.

On Tue, 15 Apr 2014 11:07:15 +0300, khurram gulzar
<[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hi Oliver and Wolfgang, 
> Thanks for your support in advance 
> I have recently updated the system from Kernel 2.6 to use the new kernel
> 3.2 for linux. I have noticed that the socket-can is integrated in the
> kernel.  I enabled the driver in the kernel from the kernel config. 
> The drivers are loaded successfully and both the CAN are transmitting
> packets. However its unable to receive any packets on any of the CAN. 
> The system configurations are still the same loaded drivers 
> -> can.ko-> can-raw.ko-> sja1000-iomux

There is now module named "sja1000-iomux" in the mainline kernel.
Where did you get it from?

> The address of can is configured to base=0x200,0x204 and irq=10,11 with
> speed=1000,1000 i.e. 1Mbits/sec 
> I have checked the irq in /proc/interrupts. IRQ 10 and 11  are showing
> connected to CAN0 and CAN1.

Do the IRQ counts increase when you send messages?

> Can you please tell me what seems to be wrong-  Waiting for your
> reply 

Could you switch to a recent mainline kernel version?


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